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Valuable insect snacks from Pinaks 

Food is our passion, at the same time we love environment and nature. We want to help shape the future of food while producing a sustainable, healthy and delicious snack. No sooner said than done!

The perfect snack with protein
Insect flour: healthy and great
Sustainable for people and the environment

About Pinaks

The Pinaks vision

With our insect snacks, we want to establish insects as a valuable food source in Germany. In doing so, we break food taboos and get people excited about insect-based foods. 


Our Story

Behind Pinaks are the founders Camilo and Sebastian. Because they love snacks, they have been working on the perfect and delicious snacks with their startup Native Foods for many years. Insect-based, of course! 


Get to know insect snacks 

Currently we offer you two different insect snacks as crackers in different package sizes. Both varieties contain a lot of insect meal, because we focus especially on sustainability. Different flavors and tasty spices provide even more variety. 


Find out more about our products and do the sustainability check! 

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Interview mit MikroKosmos – Rezepte mit Insekten

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Wie insektenbasierte Ernährung das Immunsystem stärken kann

Gerade jetzt in der Coronapandemie sind wir auf Gesundheit und den Schutz unseres Immunsystems noch mehr angewiesen als sonst. Besonders essbare Insekten bieten uns tolle Möglichkeiten in dieser Hinsicht. Vielleicht sind gerade…

Die Liebe in den Zeiten von Corona (frei nach Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Am Sonntag ist es wieder so weit. Der Valentinstag ist da! Kommerzieller Romantikkiller oder gute Gelegenheit für Couple-Time oder vielleicht sogar Me-Time? Jeder hat dazu einen anderen Standpunkt. Zudem findet der diesjährige…

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Questions about Pinaks and insect snacks? 

Drop us a line so we can answer your questions. We’ll be happy to let you know all about Pinaks and our snacks. Would you like to work with us? Great! Write us an e-mail at info[at]pinaks.de.